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To sell in Russia without toil

Dear Guest,
you can sell your products directly from your own country to the final customer in Russia without your presence at place and great expense, with no exclusivity obligation and independantly of circumstances only being On-Line.
Упаковочное оборудование из Европы

High Technology without Borders

From now on you will be able to sell in RUSSIA without having to have your own, local commercial structure in place. If a Russian customer is interested in your equipment, he can contact you directly via our WEB site. By simply clicking on the appropriate ABC link, a Russian customer is able to gain access to the web site, of any supplier listed.
Of course, it will be much more attractive for visitors if they see a corresponding corporate banner on the main pages of our project with a transition to Russian-language pages with a general company's profile, a more detailed description of goods and services. Conditions for posting additional information on request.
Заказать оборудование в Италии
Don't hesitate to contact us, depending on your needs!

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